Partner Propositions

Are you looking for new opportunities to strengthen your business case? DAY develops partner propositions and relevant activations to make your partnerships a creative and commercial success.


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Brands & Customer Fit

Based on more than ten years experience, DAY has developed its own methodology achieving unexpected results in a short time. The Brands & Customer method is based on what connects brands (brand-fit) and links this to insights regarding the needs and behavioural patterns of the end user (customer-fit).


DAY is able to facilitate creative work sessions to generate unique outcomes for your brand and potential stakeholders.

DAY x Ziggo Dome

The collaboration between DAY and Ziggo Dome is an example of a very successful ‘Brands & Customer fit’. Through partner propositions and activations, DAY has ensured that prominent brands (Randstad, Heineken, LG, Coca Cola, etc.) have a presence in the Ziggo Dome.


This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for brands to reach the Ziggo Dome audience. The visitors benefit from the fact that the Ziggo Dome has more to offer than just the performance. The very successful ‘Coca Cola Karaoke Booth’, for example, provides entertainment before and after the show. These activations encourage visitors to stay longer, which benefits the business case of Ziggo Dome.

Process & results

What to expect from the process:
– DAY kicks off with a ‘Brands & Customer’ analysis.
– Activations are worked out in a visual and inspiring way.
– DAY develops an irresistible pitch-deck for your brand.
– Optionally, DAY organises work sessions with partners.
What to expect as a result:
– Existing partners energised to boost the collaboration.
– New prospects are convinced to start a partnership.
– Customer satisfaction is increased with activations.
– Your business case is strengthen by extra revenues.

Would you like to know more? Please, contact our New Business Manager Maurice Janssen.

New Business Manager

Maurice Janssen

Phone:+31 (06) 408-233067
Email: mauricejanssen@DAY.nl

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