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Client: DAY

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DAY’s growth during the past years made relocation imperative. A newly built shared office concept was found in Amsterdam’s buzzing Amstel Business Park. It needed to embody DAY’s values and personality, showcasing its distinct style and beliefs: spontaneous and relaxed with a corporate vibe and the need to inspire creativity. The environment had to provide some privacy with communal spaces for (flexi-)working, client meetings and informal work sessions.




DAY, with its expansive insight into office design, used the building’s industrial characteristics as a starting point. The entrance has a 90º rotated wall set-up as a welcoming, yet unexpected gesture with paint and carpet colours blending at various points. The open plan space is divided by glass panels making the best use of light streaming in from large windows. Bold floor colours are used in different widths and textures. All bespoke furniture were designed to be functional and sustainable, manufactured with an almost obsessive attention to detail revealing DAY’s craftsmanship fascination.



Creating one’s own offices provides designers with a deeper insight and understanding into the impact form and colours can have on creativity, concentration and productivity. DAY, being a multi-disciplinary creative agency, also uses the space as a creative hub, regularly hosting events and talks.

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