The merger of two well-known Dutch Broadcasters


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BNNVARA – The merger of two well-known Dutch Broadcasters

Two Dutch TV broadcasters, VARA known for its socially involved programs and public debates, alongside BNN known for its high-profile and provocative programs, needed to merge into one public brand: BNNVARA.


DAY was approached by the broadcasters to create a new brand proposition and brand strategy. With two very different DNA’s, BNN being the ‘rebel’ and VARA the ‘family friend’, DAY needed to create one strong and distinctive brand and a sustainable positioning in a constantly changing media industry.


DAY formulated a brand strategy, a brand story and a brand architecture for BNNVARA supported by ‘guiding principles’. Throughout the process, DAY organized a variety of sessions and creative workshops with employees, management and members from both BNN and VARA to find out how to translate the different cultures to a new and fitting strategy. The architecture of the brand is based on the vision in which the programs and presenters are key to the success of BNNVARA, which acts as a ‘quality seal’.


BNNVARA is a successful and strong brand which is clearly present on all of their communication tools and within their programming. Every time they surprise with the right content plugged directly into the target group’s needs, allowing BNNVARA
to realise maximum impact.
DAY has experience in collaborating with media, for example in projects for MTV Viacom, Vondel CS and AVROTROS.


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