Creating a Brand Prepared for Global Expansion

Client: Caliber.global

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SEKO SDS provides sophisticated project and process management solutions, which are designed to help expanding retail businesses open stores quickly and efficiently. SEKO SDS wanted to achieve new world expansion goals and business targets which meant they needed rebranding and DAY was approached to create a brand strategy, new name and visual identity.



Together with SEKO SDS, DAY held a workshop in which the new proposition and brand values were developed. DAY also created, amongst other in-depth documentation, a new mission and vision for SEKO SDS, resulting in a brand strategy report. Then, the naming process began, the long and shortlists were presented, and eventually the name ‘Caliber’ was chosen. Combined with the tagline ‘Game changers in store development’ the name represents energy, ambition, strategic insights and the eagerness to grow and conquer the world. The logo and communication tools were developed focusing on the toughness and masculinity found in their business world; with the use of orange hinting at the Dutch roots of the company.



A distinctive new name, brand strategy and visual identity were developed with a strong core and focus. In addition, DAY created a new website, new marketing and communication tools such as an interactive PowerPoint template, business cards and letterheads, all linked together by the consistent brand look and feel and an extensive icon set.

CALIBER-ALL-ICONS caliber_07_02caliber_08 caliber_09mashCALIBER_13 caliber_04caliber_05caliber_11 caliber_12_03

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