Bringing History to Life (in the 1928 Room)

Client: Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola and the Olympics have a joint history which dates back to 1928. There are vast archives of memorabilia, facts and figures and fascinating stories from this time, which both parties wished to display in a permanent exhibition. Commissioned by Coca-Cola, DAY created ‘Room 1928’, in the Olympic Stadium.



The interior branding shows the historic connection between Coca-Cola and the Olympics, where visitors are immersed in the Dutch history of both worlds. 1928 was the year Coca-Cola began sponsoring the Olympics. At the same moment, Coca-Cola was introduced in the Netherlands for the first time.

DAY created a visual language to represent both identities without losing their own characteristics. Then a visual representation of the historic data and interesting fact and figures was developed, in the form of a timeline, world-map, clustered information panels, signage and stairway design. DAY also created the showpiece of the room, a replica of the Coca-Cola kiosk from 1928, where Coca-Cola sold the first large scale amounts of bottles in the Netherlands.



The 1928 room provides a multi-functional and visually impactful hospitality room, a place for work and fun, as well as, a place full of historic talking points and Olympic achievements. It had an official opening with sport historian Jurryt van de Vooren, Coca-Cola heritage expert Ted Ryan from Atlanta, former Olympic hockey player Miek van Geenhuizen and Carla de Groot, director of the Olympic Stadium.

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