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Client: Conservatorium Hotel

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The Conservatorium Hotel is an award winning high-end luxury hotel, located in the museum and fashion district of central Amsterdam. The hotel offers its guests an experience within an historic landmark that combines an architectural building with graceful, contemporary design. Guests can enjoy a selection of restaurants, a bar, lounge, an holistic wellbeing center and boutique retail spaces in an atmosphere that is both local and world-class international. 

DAY was briefed to develop an innovative communication strategy for the hotel and its amenities. A visual style and carriers were required to support all communications regarding the Conservatorium Hotel to external audiences, that clearly breathed the atmosphere and legacy of the hotel, and which worked alongside an existing visual identity.


The visual style of all communication materials needed to reflect the high-end luxury and detailing of the hotel. Specialised finished, thick textured papers and metallic foils were used to bring this quality not only to the look of each printed item but also to the touch. Traditional line illustrations have been mixed with bold colours and a new style of photography was introduced. All of these elements were brought together to have a consistent representation of contemporary combined with tradition for all communication carriers both printed and digital.



DAY has designed many online and offline communication tools including brochures, event flyers (‘Vogue Fashion Night Out’) to restaurant and brasserie menus. This design and template will be used on all future communication carriers for the Conservatorium Hotel and its departments. DAY also worked on the activation of events and development of the pop-up store. 

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