Unique Brand and Personality for an Historic Building

Client: COOLS

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Cromwell Property Group is an European real estate investment manager specialised in multi-let commercial properties in the UK and Continental Europe. They asked DAY to create a unique brand and personality for a new building in their portfolio: 11,000 square meters of office rental in the city center of Rotterdam, and how to attract their desired target audience of long term creative industry renters.


After an in-depth positioning and naming process, DAY introduced the name COOLS, which directly refers to the location of the building (Coolsingel). The location and building have strong histories, as well as, a distinctive 1940’s architectural presence. Working with Architects DZAP who developed the loft-like atmosphere, a robust industrial look and feel complimenting the grid-like architectural lines formed the foundations on which the logo and identity were created. Furthermore DAY has extended the identity to incorporate exterior signage, interior wayfinding signage, website and brochure.


During the extensive renovation period it was necessary to create an area for the potential new tenants that would give an impression of how an office might look in the stripped out open plan shell of the building. On the 5th floor (where there is an impressive view out over the city via a terrace) DAY curated panels that told of the past, present and future of the space and placed a meeting table and office furniture to represent how the space could be divided up.


To mask the demolition of the entrance, which will now include an impressive double storey reception area, a café and other retail spaces, builder’s hoarding was designed and erected at street level to create an eye-catching advert. To create even more interest from passers by a pop-up type entrance through the emergency stairwell was themed in bright yellow. Potential renters had to climb up many flights of stairs, so along the way were fun graphics such as calorie facts, step counts and encouraging phrases. The visitors were then led across half of the building, also with the bold yellow pop-up theme, to the 5th floor showroom.




COOLS is a landmark building with its own bold identity and robust branding which has been rolled out across all marketing material. A fun and engaging way to overcome the challenges of a stripped out shell of a building having visitors has been implemented with very enthusiastic responses and lasting impressions.


DAY, Cromwell Property Group and DZAP are eagerly awaiting the completion of the building works and seeing COOLS fully rented out to creative people and agencies.

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