A Portfolio Book with Character

Client: Flow Real Estate

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FLOW Real Estate, a leading commercial asset management company based in the Netherlands, had a wish to present six of their buildings in a portfolio book. The story of each building needed to be told with photography, USPs and statistics, providing useful information and making FLOW’s portfolio commercially attractive for potential international occupants.



DAY created a high quality book of 108 pages that gives the potential occupiers a complete tenant overview. The look and feel of the book is clean but architectural using a color palette with different tones of grey. By playing with high contrasts in color and typography and extending the color palette with a bright green accent as a highlight colour gives the book a distinctive character whilst also letting each building shine.

Besides designing the cover and content to visually appeal and represent a high-end market, the content was structured for a smooth and easy reading experience. Each building was given a unique icon translated from their characteristic architectural shape which are used in the directories and cover.

Additional quality has been added by the materialisation of the book. Swiss binding allows the reader to experience the complete spread of guiding data tables and photography. Finding content is made easy through a menu on the side, which sends you directly to a specific building. The whole look and feel is completed by embossing and foil on a linen cover.



An interactive email teaser was made to inform potential renters that a portfolio book was launching soon. It gave a sneak preview of what to expect. The actual portfolio book is a stunning and factual summary that shows a compelling asset overview of six of FLOW’s buildings throughout the Netherlands. DAY also drew up concept designs for a website to work alongside the book which was later briefed to the chosen web design agency.

DAY has a long standing relationship with Flow, creating characterful brand identities for some of their newly refurbished buildings and was thrilled to work together on this portfolio book.

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