Client: GGNet

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GGNet is a large GGZ organization that mainly operates within the province of Gelderland. It offers a wide variety of treatments and therapies to an equally varied group of patients who suffer from all kinds of mental problems.



At the beginning of 2018, GGNet developed a new strategy with Ubachs Full Contact to improve the care they provide and to strengthen their position as a pioneer in their field. GGNet wanted to make this change visible through a new visual identity and series of communication tools. This was developed last year by DAY in collaboration with Creative Director & Graphic Designer Erik Schuur.



Following the new strategy, creating and improving connections is paramount in the new identity. This involves the connection of patients with their immediate environment, but also with and between the various players that surround a patient. Only by optimizing these relationships, the two most important goals in a patient’s recovery can be reached: reducing unnecessary dependence and promoting effective recovery.



Together with the brand strategy, the visual concept forms the foundation for GGNet’s new visual identity. Apart from that we also made a series of communication tools, varying from stationery and brochures to two separate website. The brand manual that we also developed is a combination of both the building blocks and these communication tools.


The new GGNet logo is the symbol where the new strategy and the visual identity come together. As a result, it has become a visual object that has many narrative layers, but is also characterised by visual simplicity.


The colour palette was expanded to a wider and much more vivid spectrum. Snapshot-like, honest photography is interspersed with hand drawn illustrations that add a very personal element. The basis of the style is clear, simple and contemporary. Yet there is also room for surprise, by making use of combinations of fonts, images and graphic patterns. This creates an overall picture that is honest yet optimistic and dynamic. Open, inviting and truly connecting.


We created two separate websites for GGNet: A general one which is mainly aimed at patients and a careers website which has an HR and recruitment purpose. The basis of both websites is very functional, since it’s essential for each target group to find relevant information in the most efficient manner.


However, this functional foundation is embedded in a visual language that reflects GGNet’s optimistic, personal and open approach which leads to quite a lively and diverse atmosphere. The same design approach was used for all the other communication tools such as stationery items, brochures, leaflets etc.


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