From Old to New Traditions

Client: Heinen delfts blauw

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Heinen Delfts Blauw is a family run business creating the famous Dutch blue and white porcelain for the hand painted artisan market, as well as, souvenirs in all shapes and sizes. The company was started as a hobby and the hand painting skills have been passed down from father to son. It is a company seeped in tradition but also one that felt the need to develop and grow combining entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. Heinen have achieved this by entering into joint ventures with Dutch designers to revitalise traditional Delftware and create a new lease of life. The new name ‘Heinen Delfts Blauw’ was accompianied with a new tagline: ‘creating new traditions’. DAY was asked to develop a new visual identity, packaging ranges and exterior branding with these as the starting points, as well as, their new core values of: father to son, family business, loyalty, creative, chaotic and passionate.



The Brand Mark was created from combining brush strokes and elements found on the palette of Heinen’s highly skilled painters at the beginning of the hand painting process. The Brand Mark was then combined with a strong Word Mark, creating a unique and bold brand identity. This is placed with a modern set of patterns that were designed from individual and traditional brush marks used in creating the famous Delfts Blue porcelain scenes and patterns, making a modern twist to the very recognisable and eye-catching Delfts Blauwe signature designs.



The chaotic aspect of all of the products patterns and shapes is still very much routed into the new identity. Communication and marketing tools have been developed along side a range of packaging and labels for both hand painted and souvenir items. A clear and informative labelling system was developed for both the pre-packed souvenir ranges and the brand new designer ranges which are currently in development.

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