Traditional Ritual made Modern

Client: Kayatea

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Kayatea is a family run business based in Casablanca, Morocco.  After more than two years of research and development they approached DAY with a strong business idea for creating the first Moroccan Ice Tea. As well as packaging and brand identity, the four different flavours (Mint, Cherry, Lemon and Nectarine) needed a modern look and feel with individual stories based upon Moroccan culture.


Kayatea is a high quality product, with the best ingredients in a low calorie drink using natural flavours. DAY created eight concept routes with unique storytelling using historic references of Morocco and its traditional tea ceremony.

A story about the rich culture in the Middle East was the chosen direction. ‘Be inspired by the variety of colours, textiles, prints and flavours. Not every day is the same, so why should your beloved ice tea stay the same?’

Each flavour stands by itself with its own highly decorative pattern; the new identity being the connecting factor between all four cans.


Together Kayatea and DAY created a very eye-catching range of packaging for four flavours in both 330ml and 250ml cans. Each can design has it’s own personality using a characteristic pattern and an historic brand story behind each flavour.

As well as packaging DAY has also art directed the Kayatea brand movie and over seen the continuing development of the website and brand communications.



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