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Client: KNVB Campus

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KNVB is the Royal Soccer Association in The Netherlands, situated in Zeist. DAY was asked to transform the dark forested area with dated meeting and training facilities into an extrovert and lively place that unites people. The challenges were to implement this vision into existing buildings but also to find new touch points that could support the concept.


DAY’s goal was to create a context where education is nurtured, where professional and amateur players, organizations and businesses can meet to train body and mind together. DAY drew up an areal and landscaping plan transforming the whole area into a modern campus with a brand new soccer field at the heart. Existing (monumental) buildings were rejuvenated including modern training facilities in the Sport Medical Center. A Conference Center was built including hospitality facilities with an underground car park.

DAY created a new Campus DNA which worked alongside the existing KNVB brand identity. A comprehensive signage system, as well as, exterior and interior branding all giving eye-catching statements. DAY’s responsibilities also included naming and the art direction of the collaboration between builders, architects, landscapers and interior designers.

To ensure that the campus continues to develop and be outstanding, DAY has guided the process of connecting sponsors and other brands who could contribute to the campus experience. To discover how each stakeholder could activate their audience DAY facilitated brainstorms and idea creation sessions where the key question has been: ‘How can we add more value to the campus?

The most recent project was to create a Wall of Fame that would honor not only international players but everyone else involved with ‘Oranje’ (the Dutch national team) since April 30th 1905. An enclosing framework was formed with references to the hexagonal shape of a football to show the dynamics of the game; the changeability, the tension, the playfulness! One segment shows a player in action, the other depicts the fans, with the Lion of Orange being the main focal point and immediately visible when you enter the KNVB campus.

The plates of stainless steel are made by means of precision etching and show the name of the celebrated professional. A ceremony will be held once a year where the newly retired football players and achievers get a place. There are 12,960 hexagon shapes available so plenty of space for future heroes!

KNVB is now a state-of-the-art football campus, offering high end training facilities to many more future generations of outstanding players. This new vision and thinking provides a strong voice and status for KNVB as a brand and has created opportunities for partners like ING and Nike. The Campus now functions as a successful business model and is continuing to attract international recognition as a pioneer in this field.

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