From Woodland to State of the Art Soccer Experience

Client: KNVB Campus

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When the Royal Dutch Soccer Association, KNVB, asked DAY to revitalise their headquarters in Zeist, the idea of a state of the art soccer campus was yet to be born. As DAY began the project, the opportunity grew to transform the dark forested area with dated meeting and training facilities into an extrovert and lively place that unites people.

DAY’s goal was to create a context where education is nurtured and where professional and amateur players, organisations and businesses can meet together. The challenge was both to implement the vision into existing buildings but also to find new touch points that could support the concept.



DAY’s solution included an extension of the headquarters, a training and meeting centre and a new hospitality facility. At the heart of the campus is now a high end soccer field and supporting it there is a new identity complete with routing, signage system and interior branding.

To ensure that the campus can continue to develop and be outstanding, DAY is now in the process of connecting sponsors and other brands who can contribute to the campus experience. To discover how each stakeholder can activate their audience DAY has facilitated brainstorms and idea creation sessions where the key question has been: ‘How can we add more value to the campus?

In total DAY was responsible for:
Brand experience concept
Strategic approach
Customer journey mapping
Vision for space and experience
Vision for spatial design
Landscape design



The process of reshaping the campus is complete and DAY is working further with developing sponsors and partnerships. So far, the project has been very well-received and DAY is excited to see what reactions there are from new visitors to the KNVB Campus.

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