Konica Minolta Amsterdam

Client: Konica Minolta Amsterdam

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Konica Minolta is a Japanese technology company providing diverse technologies and innovations worldwide, in various fields such as office equipment, optical systems for industrial use, and diagnostic imaging systems. They also provide business solutions for printers, production of print systems, industrial inkjets and software solutions for business, healthcare, and industrial technologies.


Konica Minolta has solutions that are complex to explain. Next to that they offer more services than customers know about. The challenge of DAY creative business partners was to create a Customer Experience Centre for Konica Minolta Amsterdam that makes all their solutions and services more visible. The experience of all the guests (customers, partners, international visitors and staff) should be central and reflected in the interior and design of the Customer Experience Centre.


DAY worked on Konica Minolta’s new interior design, spatial branding and graphic design. By utilizing the 150m2 space as a stage for Konica Minolta’s products and solutions, they are able to appeal to and activate the right targets, display software solutions, and share the Konica Minolta story with experiences for the visitors using existing content. The space, ‘the hub’ caters for small to big groups, and information is given with a personal touch supported by Konica Minolta’s animal mascot. The ‘On Stage’ concept has resulted in the ideal customer journey. An experience in which every touchpoint has been worked out down to the smallest detail.

DAY creative business partners is currently working on a Customer Experience Centre and offices for Konica Minolta Stuttgart and Luxemburg.


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