Office Design for the Biggest Recruiter in the Public Sector

Client: Maandag®

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As for many companies, the most important asset for Maandag® are the professionals that are seconded by them as well as the employees working at their offices. How can you retain these professionals in times of labour market scarcity? DAY believes in the value of optimising the physical employer journey. We made an inventory of dissatisfiers in the old situation and created a vision of what the ideal working experience should look like. We defined our mission to create an ‘amazing place to work and come by’ with lots of green, openness and quirky elements that inspire fun and creativity.



DAY created a vision on space and experience for Maandag®, a guideline for the development of their physical environment, based on their brand identity and customer journey. The vision for the design multifunctional offices is adaptive; it can grow along with the organisation itself. Shifting from sterile to human, from rigid to organic, from generic to specific and from functional to multifunctional. We selected materials, colours and a visual language that will express the Maandag® identity in a visible and tangible way. The green colour of the Maandag® brand was applied in different shades and combined with grey and nude colours.



The Maandag® office in Den Haag is the first location where the new vision on design was brought to live. It is a workplace with a unique and distinctive appearance that can be recognised at a glance. Both the Maandag® employees and seconded professionals feel they are part of the Maandag® family once they enter this office building!


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