Office Design for the Biggest Recruiter in the Public Sector

Client: Maandag®

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As for many companies, the most important asset for Maandag® are the professionals that are detached by them and the employees at their offices. How can you bind these professionals to you in this time where there is scarcity on the labor market and everyone is fighting for talent? DAY believes that the answers to this question can be found in optimizing the physical customer journey. By investigating what dissatisfied in the old situation and how this experience ideally should be. The goal is to make Maandag® a more attractive employer. Realize a ‘great place to work and come by’ by creating a good atmosphere, a multifunctional space that makes use of green, openness and elements of fun to promote inspiration.



DAY created a vision on space and experience for Maandag®. A guideline for their physical environment, elaborated from the desired customer journey. A concept that combines the identity of Maandag® with the needs of the future professional and employee. DAY created a vision of a multifunctional office that moves with the growth of Maandag®. Going from sterile to human, from star to organic, from generic to branch oriented, from functional to multifunctional. Using materials, colors and a visual language so that the Maandag® identity is not only visible but also tangible in space. Applying green as the signature of Maandag® in different color shades and combined with grey and nudes.


DAY’s vision has been effectively transformed and brought to life in the new office of Maandag® Den Haag.



Maandag® Den Haag has become a workplace with a unique appearance that can be recognized in one look. An office room where both the professionals detached by Maandag® and the employee have the feeling of being part of Maandag®. Making optimal use of the space by creating touchpoints where you as a professional feel at ease, unique and one of a kind, typically Maandag®!


DAY is excited to work on a project which focusses on the human perspective, employee engagement and brand communication.



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