Proposition & Vision for Space and Experience

Client: MartiniPlaza

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MartiniPlaza is a venue dedicated to sports, events, conferences, and theatre in Groningen, with an ambition to increase their popularity and become a destination location. DAY was asked to refine their vision and mission and form a new proposition fitting their ambitions, summarised in a manifest for the organisation to show to authorities for investment and planning permission etc.


DAY analysed the organisation, their target audience, competitors, as well as their current brand proposition, goals and ambitions. With this foundation, MartiniPlaza is now propositioned as ‘De Buitenstad van Groningen’ (A Groningen district), a destination providing experiential value to visitors from, and outside of, Groningen.

From the new propositioning, DAY ideated on MartiniPlaza’s new vision on space and experience by submitting characteristics of city districts and creating customer journey mapping as starting points. The three main spatial destinations (sports, events/conferences, and theatre) were defined and each given their own distinctive look and feel, making experiences unique and their own, like the different districts of a city.



The manifest has been received very well at all authorities and the next phase of the project will be to translate this vision onto design and experiences of the interior, exterior and the building itself.

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