Making Way in Arnhem’s Iconic Musis

Client: Musis

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Musis is a cultural venue mainly focusing on opera and contemporary music located in Arhem. It is an historical and culturally important building in the area, which dates back to 1847. With goals to become the cultural center of Arnhem, Musis underwent an impressive renovation process.


DAY worked with Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem on their new strategy, customer journey mapping and business models, as well as, a strategic re-positioning by changing its name from Musis Sacrum into Musis (The House of Music). This journey resulted in DAY’s master plan for an enriching customer experience, how to attract sponsors and guidelines for interior design, graphical layers and signage.


Towards the end of the renovation period DAY also developed the wayfinding and signage design for this state of the art concert hall with park surroundings. When observing the diverse elements of the new and old architecture standing side by side, rhythmic patterns began to form, which became the underlining concept: ‘Rhythm: It is the heartbeat of movement and sounds that connects people with music’.


Taking forward the bronze materialisation element within the new architecture, the wayfinding and signage has a modern and sophisticated look and feel for both front of house and backstage. An eye-catching art piece wayfinding totem stands proudly in the entrance and around the building uniquely crafted icons, numbers and signage add to the refined atmosphere.



Whilst Musis has its own identity, the wayfinding and signage stays true to the look and feel of the building. The cultural calendar is full and the resident orchestra, Het Gelders Orkest, plays to capacity audiences in their new home, Parkzaal (Park Hall) part of the modern extension.



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