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Client: Stayokay

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Stayokay is a Dutch hostel company catering for locals and internationals, in both urban and rural locations. The portfolio includes unique buildings, ranging from an old school in Amsterdam to a 13th century castle at the southern coastline.  It’s unique history has provided it with the number one spot in the Dutch hostel market for many years.

The world is changing fast however, time for Stayokay to redefine their concept and strategy. DAY has been working closely with Stayokay on this process. As part of the collaboration it was important for Stayokay to find out, and pin point, their role in the future within the hostel culture, their core values and goals, and how they could continue to grow as a brand in an ever changing market.



Over the period of a year DAY guided Stayokay through many sessions and hands on workshops analysing key themes and trends covering topics such as Food & Beverages, Target Audience & Market, Experience & Customer Journey, Sustainability, History & Future and Employees. The information collected was gathered and made into bold typographic and colourful A1 and A2 posters in keeping with the Stayokay identity and interior look and feel. These posters enabled group training sessions to take place in any space or on any location and provided a flexible keep safe item that could be regularly referred back to and folded into a notebook.



A mountain of data was collected for each of these sessions and by diving deep into each topic, eliminating, and then focusing on what Stayokay truly stands for, gave everyone involved a clear vision and numerous goals to achieve for an exciting and prosperous future. The findings are translated into the interior design, interior branding, signage and communications for the different locations. The posters are much more than a document that could get forgotten on a bookcase and are regularly used for employee training and presentations… plus they really brighten up a room!

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