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Skoda has a unique position as an automotive brand in the Netherlands, standing for quality, functionality and affordability especially for young families. DAY was commissioned by PON, the Dutch ambassador of Skoda, to develop an innovative retail concept. Together making shopping for a car much more accessible and spontaneous with a simple yet ambitious mission: lets’ bring the automotive market to the shopping street!



DAY organised a ‘retail-safari’ that revolved around ‘what can we learn from other markets?’ Based on the ‘lessons learned’, DAY facilitated a creative session with stakeholders where it was decided to present Skoda cars in a target-group-specific context. A car designed for ’young urban families’ is presented with products like foldable pushchairs, which in turn, emphasises the ‘Simply Clever’ positioning of Skoda. A VR experience showcases the car in a relatable context, such as, a Sunday family trip.



A shift was made from formalistic out of town showroom aesthetics towards a human and intimate retail experience. DAY developed spatial branding and interior design principles based on the existing identity of Skoda. These were applied to the first concept store opened in Haarlem. The end result is a very inspiring, forward thinking example for the automotive industry.


DAY logo