A State-of-the-Art Visitor Centre

Client: Abu Dhabi Terminals

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DAY was asked by Abu Dhabi Terminals to look for new ways to tell the story of Khalifa Port Container Terminal to connect with its audiences.



DAY dived into Abu Dhabi Terminal’s world of container terminals to find a unique proposition which is relevant to Abu Dhabi Terminal’s target audiences.‘Continuity and Transformation’ is the guiding principle that steers all design and branding tools. Continuity lies in Abu Dhabi’s rich history of sea trade and the important position of Abu Dhabi Terminals in the development of regional trade. Transformation is the constant development of making sea trade more efficient by innovations.DAY developed a visitor centre for Abu Dhabi Terminals to convey these unique story lines in an interactive and engaging way. The story lines are consistently translated in the iconic interior design, the kinetic graphical language and the cutting-edge interactives. DAY is responsible for all the facets of the project from story lines, interior and graphic design to realisation, communications and the launch event.



The visitor centre was officially opened on September 1st 2013. The centre is used as an introduction to Khalifa Port Container Terminal for clients, governments and Emirati students. It provides (real-time) insights in the container terminal in an exciting and engaging way.


“I personally think that with a good design you can stand out and at the same time capture emotion and tell the things that maybe aren’t said. The strength of DAY is that they have really listened to us as to what we wanted to achieve. I don’t think it was an easy task, but they have managed to translate creative inspiration to perfectly meet our objectives. I am still very proud every time I showcase the Port using the tools and storyline in the visitor centre. That’s what its all about!”

Martijn van de Linde, C.E.O. Abu Dhabi Terminals


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