Client: Stayokay

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Stayokay plays a significant role in the hostel culture of Holland, with multiple locations Stayokay targets many different guests; their rural facilities make an attractive family destination while urban locations target the young and international. Their portfolio includes unique buildings, ranging from modern architecture to an old school in Amsterdam and a 13th century castle at the southern coastline.


DAY worked closely with Stayokay to redefine their concept and strategy. It was important to define their role in the future within the hostel culture, their core values and goals, and how they could continue to grow as a brand in an ever changing market.

DAY guided Stayokay through many sessions and hands on workshops analyzing key themes and trends covering topics such as Food & Beverages, Target Audience & Market, Experience & Customer Journey, Sustainability, History & Future and Employees. The information collected was gathered and made into bold typographic and colourful A1 and A2 to be used in group training sessions and provided a flexible keep safe item that could be regularly referred back to.


DAY then needed to translate these findings into the interior design, interior branding, signage and communications for the renovation of multiple locations. DAY wanted to create a sense of inclusion and turn each location from ‘introvert to extrovert’, and into a hostel that is an integral part of the local area. A unique concept was developed for each location taking inspiration from the surrounding area and local characteristics, giving a distinct atmosphere and look and feel for each hostel.

DAY focused on the concept on becoming ‘the place to be’. Stayokay would not only provide a bed to sleep on but would also curate a complete experience with live acts, great food and drinks. The beds in the room were designed to be a little get away from the crowd. Private light, built in USB port, mirror and hooks make the bed into a little holiday home. In addition, mobile workplaces and meeting rooms make the hostel an excellent place to work. In most locations the entrance, lounge and restaurant spaces were completely re-designed for people to socialise and spend time together in groups, with cosy corners for the individual traveller.

The renovated Stayokay hostels are now eye-catching and unique places to be with lively and sociable communal areas where hostel guests and passers-by feel much more welcomed and relaxed to hang out.


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