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Client: Stayokay Oost

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Stayokay is a Dutch market leader in hostels. With multiple locations Stayokay targets many different guests; their rural facilities make an attractive family destination while urban locations target the young and international sightseers. Each location has a specific characteristic. Stayokay Oost is situated in the multicultural and lively east of Amsterdam but still close to the attractions of the city.



There is a growing need for enriching experiences therefore Stayokay’s concept is focused on being the perfect base to discover the surroundings. Stayokay not only provides a bed to sleep on but also is a welcoming base to hang out in, with a complete experience of curated events, great food and drinks. In addition, mobile workplaces and meeting rooms make the hostel an excellent place to work. To match these wishes the current set up and outdated atmosphere needed a complete overhaul.



DAY has worked on transforming many of Stayokay’s locations based on the overarching Stayokay DNA strategy project that Stayokay and DAY completed together.


For their Oost location, DAY was inspired by the vibrancy of the local businesses and colourful people to create the concept of ‘Couleur locale’. The whole of the ground floor was reappointed with the new layout having a much more sociable open plan vibe. The colourful concept is seen throughout the interior design and furniture choices, as well as, a striking mix of oversized patterned wallpapers in a modern urban outfit for the bar, lounge, dining areas and meeting rooms. The bedrooms have also had an overhaul with quirky illustrations made specifically for the location depicting interesting objects and facts about the local area.



Stayokay Oost is now an eye-catching and unique place to be with lively and sociable communal areas where hostel guests and passers-by feel much more welcomed and relaxed to hang out. By working with some of the existing features, such as the tiled dining area floor and re-using some of the lighting features, the budget was contained.


DAY is looking forward to continuing working with Stayokay on more locations and rolling out their new positioning.

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