From a Place to Stay to a Place to Be

Client: Stayokay

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Stayokay plays a significant role in the hostel culture of the Netherlands, both for locals and international tourists. With multiple locations Stayokay targets many different guests; their rural facilities make an attractive family destination while urban locations like Utrecht target the young and international. DAY’s challenge was to create a sense of inclusion and turn the location from ‘introvert to extrovert’, and into a hostel that is an integral part of the city and the movements within it. Aside from the overall concept, DAY was asked to develop the interior design, interior branding and signage of the entire building.



DAY focused the concept on becoming ‘the place to be’. Stayokay would not only provide a bed to sleep on but would also curate a complete experience with live acts, great food and drinks. The beds in the room were designed to be a little get away from the crowd. Private light, built in USB port, mirror and hooks make the bed into a little holiday home. In addition, mobile workplaces and meeting rooms make the hostel an excellent place to work. The entrance, lounge and restaurant were designed for people to socialise and spend time together in groups sitting around impressive custom made furniture. Smaller more private areas were made cosy with rugs and mix and match furniture where guests and visitors could read a book or watch a movie. Throughout the hostel DAY created quirky illustrations depicting unique aspects of Utrecht and Dutch culture.



The work is now successfully completed for this building, and DAY is already continuing the collaboration with Stayokay on both urban and rural locations. As of September 2016, Stayokay Utrecht is nominated for the Entrance & Style Awards 2016 in the category for Best Hotel Concept.


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