Tivoli Vredenburg

Client: TivoliVredenburg

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TivoliVredendburg (Utrecht) is one of the leading music venues in the Netherlands with a unique character and very diverse program of musical styles, from rock bands to chamber music. In 2014 Tivoli expanded into five separate music halls each designed by an architect with distinctly different styles. The new building is an excellent concert experience but the communal spaces in between fail to provide a quality environment before and after the show. DAY was commissioned to turn two of these transitional spaces into vibrant hotspots.



DAY’s first project for Tivoli was to design a bar adjacent to the Ronda music hall. The team embraced its visual language and architecture, integrating these, as well as, the decorative pattern into the interior design, alongside a completely new name and identity. With a stylish and eye-catching compact bar located under the escalators, seating elements added to the staircase, the whole area was defined as a place to sit, drink and chat before and after the show.


DAY was then invited to design another area used for corporate and social events which wasn’t generating enough pulling power. DAY developed an ‘urban secret garden’ visual language and a new identity for Park 6 with playful elements such as ping pong tables and arcade games giving this place a casual, quirky twist.



A single design commission turned into an on-going and very creative partnership between DAY and Tivoli. The two spaces now have a coherent yet distinctive characteristics which have increased lingering time and therefore consumption. Park 6 now has a very popular, vibrant and full event calendar.


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