A Memorable Experience of Structured Randomness

Client: Van Gogh Museum

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The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam approached DAY for the second time to design a museum shop at the Museum Square in Amsterdam. A new entrance area was being developed in which the new shop would be situated. The goal was to create a unique and memorable visitor experience, representing leadership of the Van Gogh Museum.


DAY designed a store which is recognisable and very flexible. The focus was to create a shop that breathes as much space as possible, contains more light and has a more welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. In order to give the shop a distinctive look DAY created a concept based on the randomness of Van Gogh’s brush strokes. Structured randomness can be found everywhere in the shop and there’s not one angle that looks the same. There are three product segments categorised as: Souvenirs, Design and Exclusive. Each one of them represents a different product range and has its own unique theme in the store. However, it was important to make sure there was a strong sense of unity, despite having the division of the segments. DAY wanted to place the attention on the products; therefore distinctive neutral colors and basic tones were used to make the products stand out.



A successfully integrated museum retail experience that is light, spacious and welcoming to the museum’s visitors. The flexibility of the design and the use of neutral colors allow focus on product presentation.

This is not the first time DAY’s worked with The Van Gogh Museum. In 2009 DAY designed the first museum shop (awarded with the ‘Best of the best’ Red Dot design award), and continued to work on the temporary bookshop.


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