Relievo: Branding for 3D Masterpieces

Client: Van Gogh Museum

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The Van Gogh Museum Relievo Collection is the latest generation of high-quality 3D reproductions developed in collaboration with Fujifilm.

The collection allows people to enjoy the brightness of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces with an accurate three-dimensional scan and a high-resolution print. DAY was approached to develop a brand identity for Relievo, including packaging, logo design and stationery, and to come up with a strategy to sell the products and represent the brand in the Middle East.


DAY positioned Relievo as a luxury brand, representing a limited edition of 260 reproductions of the masterpieces. Each Relievo was delivered in a deluxe, handmade case and accompanied by a premium box containing an official certificate and background information about the original painting. The exquisite collection is the closest thing you can get to owning an original version and it focuses on the ‘true’ Van Gogh, rather than a ‘real’ Van Gogh because the artist always wanted to multiply his work.



The collection launched around the world and Relievo’s brand identity is recognised as distinguishable, and elegant, which supports the product.


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