Bringing a Vision for a New Music Experience to Life

Client: Ziggo Dome

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Ziggo Dome is a 17,000-seat indoor arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands and it is the first building in the world that is covered by LED! It is named after the Dutch cable-TV provider Ziggo, which is owned by Liberty Global. Ziggo Dome is an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs from the music industry in cooperation with Live Nation, the world’s largest music agency, representing the majority of the biggest stars. They set out to create the best possible music experience and DAY was asked to create this, starting from scratch, with an unknown location and a building that was yet to be started. The business plan was highly innovative and required a rethink of the traditional approach to sponsoring.



Firstly DAY defined the guiding principle that would steer everything: ‘Madonna or not, I’m going’. The idea being that even though the artist might cancel the show, the venue is worth going to. DAY developed an extensive customer journey that could be adopted by partners, ranging from technology and mobility to content, which turned sponsors into partners. The next step was to turn strategy into tangible tools with the building uniting different partnering brands. In order to avoid visual clutter DAY created a strong master plan including clear concepts and guidelines for all interior design work in the building. This ensured a strong and durable visual unity for all basic elements of the interior, as well as, the bars, lounges and other touch points, provided by partner brands. The theme DAY chose was ‘Rhythm’; it is the essence of music, as well as, the guiding principle for all architectural designs DAY made, including creating a comprehensive signage and way-finding plan.



In close cooperation with the management of Ziggo Dome, DAY set out to source and contract partner brands. The process: we picked out different areas where we saw the opportunity for Ziggo to partner with other brands. We then found unique and powerful ways to bring these areas to life. The ideas, along with a business proposal, was eventually presented to the specific brand of choice. The results are there with Randstad, Heineken, LG and many more now being strategic partners and each having their own visual representation within the Ziggo Dome.


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