Innovative Business Model for Flagship Stores

Client: Ziggo

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Ziggo had previously only been selling their products through selected distributors, as apposed to owning their own retail space. As Ziggo started to grow, this needed to change. DAY was approached to develop the retail strategy, innovative business model, concept and design. Within the telecom industry, the majority of retailers offer services and products that are quite similar. Ziggo wanted to stand out from the other cable operators with new concepts and innovation.



DAY organised an Inspiration Tour, which helped Ziggo discover and explore new business opportunities and experience inspiring ideas up close. The telecom industry is gradually moving towards a content centered approach; the Ziggo Studio concept was developed with an idea to have Ziggo’s content, service and products all in one place. Activation processes included a number of events, sales promotions and the creation of content. DAY combined live recordings, meetings and workshops with sales and services, which eventually led to building a unique relationship with consumers, securing long-term brand loyalty. The interior design of the Studio represented Ziggo’s style with a very flexible and relaxed atmosphere about it.



The process resulted in an innovative business model through which Ziggo teamed-up with large broadcasting companies to jointly offer a unique blend of service, sales and content. The way Ziggo Studio was developed fits in well with the new trends and changes within the telecom industry. Three flagshipstores are now open.


‘In my opinion, DAY does an excellent job in creating unique and outstanding customer touch points for your brand. DAY’s approach is surprising, creative and innovative. They are well informed about the latest trends & developments and they take you on a journey to explore opportunities.’

Nico Rijkhoff – Director brand & communications, Ziggo

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