Ziggo Home: a Traveling House of Interactive Content

Client: Ziggo

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Ziggo is the largest cable operator in the Netherlands, providing cable television, broadband Internet and telephone service. However, it still deals with competition with other cable operators in the country. Ziggo approached DAY to come up with a way to deal with the competition by creating a campaign to win over more clients.



DAY developed an idea of a ‘traveling campaign house’: the Ziggo Home. The project focused on Ziggo’s strengths: content, education and service. The exterior of the Ziggo Home was made in a high-resolution interactive LED facade that communicates Ziggo products, benefits and partner content. Apart from developing the concept and design for the Ziggo Home, DAY also managed the digital content and since the start of the campaign we have been responsible for the on-going activation process



Ziggo Home was created as a new way to connect with the audiences. The house is an appealing way to share content with the public. DAY came up with an idea to stream content from the outside of the house to get the interest of people and attract them to come into the house.


‘In my opinion, DAY does an excellent job in creating unique and outstanding customer touch points for your brand. DAY’s approach is surprising, creative and innovative. They are well informed about the latest trends & developments and they take you on a journey to explore opportunities.’

Nico Rijkhoff – Director brand & communications, Ziggo

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